What I think Maktub is all about


Frankly, I am not sure what this blog is all about at this point in time. I just feel a strong urge to blog down my thoughts, ideas, POVs and opinions. Stack them all in a single place. I am not going to bother to sound politically correct or too good about anything, but this is my space and what I write here is entirely my opinion.

For starters, I can tell you I am going to write about the things I am most passionate about like reviews of films, ads, songs, artists. I will also publish my own photographs and maybe some others too and write a photostory. I’l cite anecdotes , quotes and stories about various things. I will draw my research and material from each of the fields I am actively engaged in – films, business, photography, psychology, culture, foreign languages, education et al.

Overall, lets hope I can stimulate new thoughts and ideas and provoke insightful discussions.

That’s for now. Come again soon.