Dharma and Greg – Are we ready for something ‘different’?

Sometimes, I wonder what went wrong with this one. The idea is definitely good – ‘a mismatched couple and their family deals with situations and circumstances in their own conditioned way.’

Hilarious, sometimes thought provoking, sometimes whimsical.

Are we not ready for this kind of TV shows yet? Is compatibility so important to us that we disregard everything that does not fit into our pre-programmed selves? Why are we so uncomfortable with those who are ‘different’?


The Winning Streak

girlSome people have the fear of winning rather than the fear of failure. It is astonishing to see that how our mind construes and misconstrues our desires and our emotions. Examining them closely, you can take the example of a recent match you have won – Whether it is a tennis, squash, football or cricket match is irrelevant. You are reeling in joy about your latest victory,when suddenly at the back of your mind, you have a nervous anxiety about how you will uphold this victory. It is not about how others will look at your future success or failure, it is more about how you will look at it. Sometimes, this fear is so pronounced that you may deliberately avoid entering a competition or picking up a great challenge, just because, let alone what will happen if you lose, but God forbid, if you win it, what are you going to do next. There are two thoughts about this. For some people, there is nothing beyond the prevailing challenge. One it is achieved, they do not wish to go further. They prefer ‘resting in their laurels’ or ‘leaving when on a high.’ Sometimes, this could save one from eventual terrible bruises to the ego, in case of failure.

The fear of failure, on the other hand, could work to your advantage, if the fear is in moderation. It propels you to work harder, take calculated risks and prepare for obstacles. On the other hand, it could mitigate your risk taking ability completely, if even it is in pursuit of a much higher goal.

Victory and defeat, therefore, one can safely conclude are states of mind. If you are constantly in the state of victory, you mind responds accordingly. Perception changes, attitudes changes, there is a paradigm shift in observation, action and conclusion. The final result will always be a success!

West and East: Lunch and Dinner

western3 This excerpt is taken from Devdutt Pattanaik’s book Business Sutra. 

Steve wanted to enter into a joint venture with an Indian company. So Rahul decided to take him out to lunch. They went to a very famous hotel in New York, which served a four-course meal: soup, salad, the main course, followed by dessert. There was cutlery on the table, such as spoons, forks, knives, to eat each dish.

In the evening, Rahul took him to an Indian restaurant where a thali was served. All items were served simultaneously, the thali1sweet, the sour, the rice, the roti, the crispy papad, the spicy pickles. Everyone had to eat by hand, though spoons were provided for those who were embarrassed to do so or not be too adventurous. Rahul then told Steve, “Lunch is like the West, organized and controlled by the chef. Dinner is like India, totally customized by the customer. You can mix and match and eat whatever you wish in any order you like. The joint venture will be a union of two very different cultures. They will never be equal. They will always be unique. Are you ready for it? Or do you want to wait till one changes his beliefs and customs for the benefit of the other?”